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What are we doing today?

There are some days where this is how I feel. I love those days.

They truly make me feel that I may be getting past the trauma and emotional devastation of our fertility journey and moving to a #childlessnotbychoice life.

Don’t get me wrong – I still have bad days. And that’s ok! I accept that, and to be honest am proud that I acknowledge and recognise the journey that I have been on. I am proud that not only am I still standing, I am moving forward and trying to use my experience to help others.

This is all I ever wanted. If I had to go through this journey, if it is our ‘destiny’ (or whatever you want to call it!) to not have children – all I ever wanted was for this journey to not be nothing. I need to use it to bring about some kind of change, some kind of opportunity and some kind of good. That’s why I started @herstoryourstrength. I wanted to create a service where people going through IVF / Infertility / Miscarriage can access support and services – expanding even to family / friends. I still have a long way to go – but I will not stop.

The more I connect with people in this community – the more I find we all want the same thing, we want more services available, more options for people to be open and to connect. And by banding together – I KNOW we will do incredible things.

Here’s to the next big idea that’s currently in its infant stages….. I am so excited! So many options and opportunities to make a difference. I am so grateful today.

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